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Loveandmercy 09-08-2018 11:51 AM

Assistant concerns
Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

I'm at a new school in a full-time teaching job. Back-to-School night went very well and parents seem to appreciate me. Principal and Vice Principal seem happy as do the students. I've already bonded with the kids and I get hugged regularly. I really like this new school.

I'm an experienced teacher and have had mostly very positive experiences with assistants in my past job. I've always felt that a dedicated assistant can make a tremendous difference in the overall quality of a classroom and significantly contributes to the sense of well-being in the students.

My new assistant in this new school has been at this school for many years. She is helpful but I feel like there is the potential for her to become a real steamroller. So I am requesting opinions here. I'm having difficulty coming up with the right words to tell her how I'm feeling right now.

Although I appreciate her help showing me how to run some things that are unfamiliar to me (because I'm in a new job) this doesn't mean I'm a beginner in the profession or that she should intervene and take control if I am simply approaching something in a slower, more deliberate manner. She is very high strung.

I think she is coming from a good place but it's starting to be a concern. Example: She talks over me when I talk to her one-on-one (before school when we are alone in the classroom) and also has a few times in class in front of students. (We are the same age, by the way. ) She seems to be ushering in a completely unnecessary sense of urgency in the classroom.

My low-key, friendly classroom style establishes a well-run, calm environment. These qualities are imperative for a successful learning space. But I'm feeling like I don't have control over it now for the two hours she is there each day.

And then I am wondering, is it me? I'm new to teaching in centers. I'm being asked to teach this way and am very willing to oblige with the other third grade teacher. But with the assistant calling the shots of who is finished with their work and who can progress to the next center at what time is new to me. I'm confident I'll master the procedure soon. I'm a good teacher. I just feel undermined by my new assistant and am looking for suggestions about how to say what I need to say.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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