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LIDiane 10-21-2018 05:59 PM

Long Island pen pals
Hello All,
Iím a third grade teacher on Long Island. I have a gen ed class who would love to have pen pals from very far away. We are in a suburban community. Anyone interested email me

AbcTeacher17 10-27-2018 06:02 PM

Pen Pal
Iím a third grade teacher in rural NC. Is NC far enough?

LIDiane 10-28-2018 04:09 PM

Yes to pen pals
Yes thatís great
Here is my work email, send me a class list and your address and we will start the letter. Canít wait to hear from you :)

AbcTeacher17 11-18-2018 07:13 PM

Pen Pals
Hi Diane,
I sent you an email this evening. So sorry for the delay. I had not checked this site lately.
Hope it's not too late.
Happy Thanksgiving!

AbcTeacher17 12-13-2018 08:06 PM

North Carolina Pen Pals
Ms. Diane,
We received the letters from your class today. I had HAPPY and Surprised kiddos. We have been out of school 3 days this week( Mon, Tues. and Wednesday) for SNOW. We had a fairly significant snow. Snow in NC is typical in our region, but usually our snows come in Jan. Feb, March. So the size of this storm and timing had everyone in a tizzy. Reading the letters made My Students feel so special, They were comparing notes and one kid said, "hey, they are just like us", I giggled.
Thank you for the pencils. Tomorrow we will be traveling on a Field Trip to Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is the largest city near Shelby. One student was so proud she got a girl named Charlotte. I say all this about the trip to say, We will have replies written Monday and will put in the mail. Im not sure when your winter holidays began? We will be in school through Thursday. Can't wait to hear reactions of your students when they receive their letters. Thanks Again!

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