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kahluablast 01-07-2019 06:07 PM

One and Only Ivan and/or The Wild Robot
Thinking of doing these 2 books as a read aloud, but I would like some activities to do with them. Have you used and TPT novel units with comprehension questions and vocabulary activities? I don't need a million things, but would like something I don't have to make myself. Suggestions?

choppie70 01-08-2019 02:34 AM

I read both.

When I read Ivan, I also read the shorter picture book and do some of the activities from this packet:

I also watch some videos about Ivan on YouTube.

The Book Umbrella ( ) has book companions for both books.

Ally 01-08-2019 04:10 PM

I read The Wild Robot last year and my class loved it! I have also used The Book Umbrella for novel studies. So I have nothing of value to add...just a thumbs up to choppie! :)

TeachingSarah 01-08-2019 06:21 PM

The One and Only Ivan
I did the One and Only Ivan as a read aloud in my 3/4 class. I highly recommend you use the audio book as it has a great voice for the silverback. Honestly, I found it very "powerful" using the audiobook as the voice really gets the students to imagine the story. You can find the audiobook on YouTube.

kahluablast 01-10-2019 06:40 AM

Thanks for the info. I will look at those TPT suggestions.

I looked for an audio book on youtube, but there were many. Do you know who read the one you used, TeachingSarah?

TeachingSarah 01-10-2019 10:48 AM

audio book
I used this one...

Great voice for it!

kahluablast 01-12-2019 06:27 AM

Thank you for coming back and sharing!

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