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mommy9298 04-09-2019 02:06 PM

Moving to first grade next year
My p told me today he wants to move me to first grade next year. I am a veteran teacher and Iím happy about it. Iíve taught k, 3 and 4. Any help or advice is appreciated.

whiteturtle 04-12-2019 02:24 AM

I'm sure you had some readers in K but in first you'll have some at all levels. Study up on Guided Reading if you're not already using it.

You'll use a lot of your K materials with some students. I found (happily) that when I moved from K to 1 most of my materials were labeled "K-1."

You'll be great. If you were most recently in grades 3/4, you might have to take some deep breaths until you adjust to the lower level.

Is there anything specific that you are concerned about?

First grade is exciting to teach. You see their reading blossom. Six and seven year olds are a lot of fun.

kahluablast 04-12-2019 05:15 AM

Rest up for the beginning of the year! I was always surprised by how tiring it was with 1st at the beginning. Even though they have skills, they are pretty needy in the beginning.

I loved teaching reading to little ones. Very exciting, and progress is so visible!

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