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basketball777 04-29-2019 12:12 PM

what behavior management systems do you use?
I am curious what 4th grade teachers are using in their classrooms lately for behavior management systems. I haven't taught 4th grade in several years. I did teach it 4 years. I have been subbing in various classrooms and seeing all sorts of different management systems. I occasionally sub a 4th or 5th grade room but not often (mostly if roving).I'm going on an interview and they want to know what you would use. Subbing is invaluable since I have gotten to see so many systems etc. I'm just curious what you fellow 4th grade teachers currently use(looking for ideas for an interview/demo lesson).

My ideas are the Rick Morris clip system but a small individual one with a paperclip on the kid's desk so it doesn't get displayed to the whole class. I also want to use some sort of tickets(like a special paper/sunshine note)/brag tags type of thing for positive reinforcement(token/classroom economy type system). In my 3rd grade room if the clip reached the top they got a special ticket and rhinestone on their maybe there could be a reward of a rhinestone on a paper or something. Also another idea or system I've seen used in a classroom is a treasure map where the teacher gives stickers until they reach the treasure for some reward. I also use classroom marbles and table points.

This is for a job share interview so I definitely would point out that I would collaborate and cooperate with what systems the other teacher already likes to use in her classroom.

I've seen paper forms of ClassDojo where they give tally marks for certain behaviors but that sounds like too much work and too complicated for me.

Would it be appropriate to mention having a morning meeting type of thing to establish a positive community in the class?


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