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seashell 05-26-2019 11:25 AM

lucy calkins phonis
I am being moved to first grade next year. We are starting lucy calkins phonics . what do I need storage ect

Munchkins 05-26-2019 12:02 PM

We used a lot of baggies and a file box container for each unit. It’s a lot of prep up front, but followings year you will be able to just pull out each lesson. We used a file folder for each lesson to store papers we ran off and to write notes. We liked it, but it took a while to get a handle on all the components.

We had to get our own “Rasheed”, so I found one for $10 on amazon that worked well. Have fun with it!

upperwests 06-28-2019 02:34 PM

What are your thoughts about the units?
I use the reading and writing units of study for First.....and I DO LOVE THEM! Unfortunately, my district uses CKLA (Engage NY) for phonics. Please give me an honest review of the phonics program I am "chomping at the bit" to use it!

Munchkins 06-28-2019 02:53 PM

It was fine
It was fun to teach, and gave all the students experience with all the patterns and phonics elements. I saw a difference in their reading. The lower readers used long vowel patterns to decode. For the lie and average kids it worked well. The higher students didn’t move as much as with Words Their Way. I do love how it integrates reading, writing, and phonics.

upperwests 06-29-2019 01:45 PM

Thanks....I value your input!
Really wish I had access to it.....I love how all the units are cohesive!

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