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marsha8083 06-19-2019 07:37 AM

Literacy sets
I am wondering if someone can tell me where I can buy literacy sets for my classroom? I am wanting them to be AR leveled (2nd grade or a little higher) and I want several of the same title and if possible, with a CD (someone reading the book).
I would appreciate any information I can get.
Thank you!!!

76lake 06-22-2019 08:43 AM

I'm not sure where you can buy 2nd grade or higher books with CDs, but here's what I use. I purchase most of my books from Scholastic. In the teacher store, you can search for leveled readers. If the book isn't listed as having an AR test, I double check using the site. Also, Epic has free ebooks and audiobooks for the classroom ( If you haven't signed up, it's a great site that my students love! I'd also google audiobooks or QR codes for specific books or authors. A colleague of mine made her own audiobooks in Spanish. Here's a link to show you how to make your own audiobooks using QR codes.

I'm ordering a 5-way multi headphone audio splitter to use with my IPads this year.

Hope this helps!

marsha8083 06-22-2019 06:45 PM

Thank you for the information. I will check out the things you said. 😊

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