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Soarin 07-06-2019 08:02 PM

Anyone use Brooke Brown's "Third Grade Literacy Centers Made Easy"?
Good evening,
I recently purchased Brooke Brown's "Third Grade Literacy Centers Made Easy' and am really looking forward to implementing the activities with my third graders this coming year. I wanted to see if anyone on this site have used these literacy activities. Also, how many times a week do you implement it or do centers in your classroom. Thanks for your input!:)

GreyhoundGirl 07-07-2019 04:30 PM

I can’t answer your question about Brook Brown’s centers, but I do centers everyday, for 50-60 min. I see 2-3 groups for guided reading while the kids are doing centers.

3gradeteacher 07-10-2019 06:43 PM

I haven't heard of these centers and would be curious to see them?

deansbaby67 07-25-2019 09:19 AM

Love Brooke Brown!
I just bought them, as well. I will be using them this year. All of her stuff is fantastic. I do centers M-R. Friday is our quiz/catch-up/art/STEM day. My kids are in centers about 75-90 minutes, the rest is whole class. Good luck!

parkermak 08-10-2019 06:07 AM

Could you include a link? I searched on Amazon and could not find these at all. I plan on doing about an hour center time and want to include math, science, and social studies and I want the kids to have some choice.

RetiredKat 08-14-2019 04:09 PM


If not Amazon check TPT!!! Usually works and it did this time. :)

She also has a website. I'll have to tell my third grade teacher friends about this. It may not be free but the price sure is reasonable.

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