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tigerfan 07-11-2019 05:48 PM

introducing the American Revolutionary War
I would love ideas on how you introduce the Revolutionary War to your students that gets them engaged and excited to learn. Thank you!

Teacherbee_4 07-11-2019 06:43 PM

Not sure if this is what you are looking for
This past year, I called my students to the carpet with a "letter" for a very serious meeting. I explained the letter was given to all of the teachers from the superintendent and that it was being e-mailed home to parents as we spoke. I read the letter aloud to them. Basically, the letter said that the current economic state was difficult for the families, the business sector, etc. and that the school was no different. The school was having trouble getting everything they need to educate kids and were looking for ways to save money. It said that as a result, going into effect starting that Monday (and I gave a date), was that every student would have to pay for every paper copy given to them, 25 cents a page. So, for every worksheet they were given, they would have to pay 25 cents. If a test was 4 pages for example, each student needed to pay a 1.00. I explained that it would work like their lunch account, money would be on an account and as the teacher made copies, he or she would charge the money. Students would submit copy money just like lunch money. I then added that not paying would result in a failing grade for the assignment. Oh the students got angry. One yelled, "I'm rebelling! Let's have a revolt!" (before I even introduced key terms). Oh, they were steaming about how unfair that was.

I then told them it was a joke, but asked them how they felt. They had a lot of feelings that they shared and then I related to the taxes charged/acts imposed on colonists without their consent. As we talked about all of the events that led up to the revolutionary more in detail, you could feel their own anger rising. They were not happy about how the colonists were treated! I think it made it very personal and engaging for the students. They could really relate to the colonists after that "prank" that I pulled!

Linda/OH 07-12-2019 01:53 AM

amer revolution
If you google "taxation without representation for kids" you'll get lots of ideas. I use the Smarties simulation. And there are some great youtube videos too.

One is a song. In 4th, our standard is for them to understand why the colonists revolted. So these activities to build knowledge help. We don't spend as much time on the actual war .

tigerfan 07-12-2019 10:58 AM

Thank you
Thank you...this is exactly what I was looking for! So engaging!

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