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lovemyjob7777 08-01-2019 10:47 AM

Demo Lesson Help Please
I have a 30 minute max writing demo lesson for 15 students going into grades 2 and 3. I have access to a smart projector and chrome books.
Ideas please.
Will these kids know how to use the chrome Books? Iím coming from pre-K.
Are smart projectors just like interactive boards?
Are they going to want to see differentiation due to 2 grade levels?

Violets2 08-04-2019 07:47 AM

I'll try to help. I would hope the students know how to use the chrome books. May want to confirm that. For example, I don't use them a ton in my room but other teachers do. Mine know how to log onto websites, etc. but keyboarding skills may not be great for all of them so again, depending on the school, you may not want to plan a lesson that involves them typing out responses unless they're short replies. Again, some schools might have a very tech savvy environment and the kids are very comfortable and capable of keyboarding. Ours aren't at that grade level.

Smart projectors are similar but like everything, each technology and board have their own particular ways. You can plan a lesson but unless you are familiar with the exact software, you should have a back up plan. Perhaps use it for projecting an image or text only vs writing on.

I'd plan something for paper and pencil in case your tech isn't cooperative. That would should your flexibility skills as well. I'd go armed with paper, pencils, erasers.

I would also plan a lesson that allows for differentiation and individuality.

Writing lesson meaning writing in response to something such as a story or article read? A mini lesson of grammar skills? Narrative/Opinion writing? Lots to choose from.

Good luck!

lovemyjob7777 08-04-2019 05:09 PM

Thank you for your response and input.
My lesson is tomorrow morning, so I thought (and searched) long and hard for ideas. I decided to keep it simple.
My plan is to use the Smart projector, but only to access the internet and show a YouTube clip. Itís on brainstorming. I thought I really donít know their background knowledge or abilities, so brainstorming seemed logical and simple.
No chrome books. I felt like what you said. Who knows what they know.
Anyway, thanks again. Excited and very nervous..

Violets2 08-04-2019 05:25 PM

Your lesson idea sounds fine. Good luck and let me know how it goes. :)

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