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FlorenceK 09-25-2019 05:13 PM

Modern teacher
Our district has started using the Modern Teacher format. They want us to no longer teach math whole group. Does anyone also have this in their district? If so what are your thoughts and tips on how to be effective as a teacher.

cvt 10-08-2019 05:27 AM


They want us to no longer teach math whole group.
I'm retired now, but FWIW, we had already been doing this for years in my district. Just as in language arts every child is at a different level and you have small groups, the same applies for math. Some kids come in not knowing their numbers while others are already at second or third grade level. It will take some planning on your part, but you can introduce the math concept to the entire class, then go to small groups to work on the concept. If you work in a team with other first grade teachers, propose that one of you teaches the students who are low in math, while the other(s) teach(es) middle/high groups. These groups should remain fluid, so as students become proficient, they move from one to another.

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