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Tiamat 12-20-2019 02:09 AM

New to Year 1
Iíve just been told that next year I will be on Year 1 (our school year starts late January). Iím excited, but a little scared. Iíve never taught below Year 3 before. So, Iím new to this board and probably clueless. .

word girl 12-20-2019 05:03 PM

Hi Tiamat!

I, too, transferred from 3rd grade to 1st grade, albeit many years ago. The biggest challenge for me was learning (the hard way) that they need very explicit directions, but also, they can only comprehend one direction at a time.

Hard to explain but you have to simplify your directions and give wait time to comply, then give more directions step. by. step.

Also, teach procedure over and over. Be vigilant in the beginning of the year and it will pay off. In the beginning of the year, kids have no idea what's going on ("Is it lunch yet?" *said at 8:30 am <!--giggle-->) but now they know the routine perfectly.

They are a beautiful age, ready and eager to learn, but also a bit like herding cats. LOL

This board doesn't get a lot of traffic, but feel free to PM me or post in the Busyboard too.

I do love this age! <!--girl1--><!--boy_waving-->

broomrider 12-20-2019 08:23 PM

something that helped me
especially at the beginning of the year, was play dough. At the end of the afternoon, the students were finished even though the school day wasn't. Of course, they'd just had an 8 week vacation, which may be different from your situation.

I taught them to make "snakes" by rolling the dough between their hands to make several ropes of dough. I had them shape the dough into various letters,
and depending on their level, shape the letters into words--especially their names. They can also flatten out the dough and create various geometric shapes, compare sizes with their partners, even make patterns with the shapes: circle, circle, square, etc.

It gave them something academic-ish and yet relaxing at the end of the day when they were very tired.

Later on in the year, play dough would come out now and then as a reward for hard work on a Friday.

I gave each child a place mat size piece of wax paper to serve as area to limit the traveling range of the dough and to help them collect all the bits and return them to the can at the end of the time.

Custodians don't like play dough in the carpet<!--giggle-->

First graders are very interesting people who readily express their emotions and are typically eager to learn. They are, as are all students, challenging and rewarding to share the day with.

Aderynbach 01-09-2020 08:19 PM

Welcome to First Grade!
I love this age level! I agree with the others that Very explicit directions are needed, especially in the beginning!
They can do more than you think but also are ďyoungerĒ than you think too!
Iíve been teaching first for 8 years and just this year have been incorporating more play-based learning. Itís changed my classroom for the better! I wish Iíd done it years ago! Theyíre still little and that play is hugely important.

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