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Seacrew 01-29-2020 12:10 PM

Application question
How do you handle the question- Can we contact your current employer- and when?

I work part-time and this is for a full-time job starting next year. So, my contract with my district goes until end of May. My current district does not advertise jobs for the following year until May, April if we are lucky.

So, to me getting an interview now feels so odd and I am really nervous about saying go ahead contact my boss now- with so many months to go. I have a video conference interview next week and I know they are interested because I haven't even finished my online application and they have reached out to right away.

Anyway, how do you handle that question?? Thanks!!

*Also, one of my references is the Assistant Superintendent- should I replace that reference if they want to check soon?*

Haley23 01-29-2020 04:10 PM

In the past I have put something such as, "Yes, but only as a final step prior to making an offer." I had a lot of principals that I interviewed with ask if I'd told my then current boss that I was looking and if I wanted them to wait to contact her. I just explained that I hadn't told her I was looking and to please only contact her if I ended up being the final top candidate. Everyone was totally fine with that and told me they'd let me know if they needed to contact her so that I could explain things and tell her to expect a call.

Seacrew 01-31-2020 01:33 PM

Thank you for that suggestion, I will do that!!

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