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notteaching? 05-13-2020 04:01 AM

leaving classroom?
I am at the point where I am so fed up with this whole distance learning thing and the way my school is handling it that I am actually considering looking for a job outside of the classroom. I am so afraid of what teaching in the fall could actually look like, especially in the lower grades that require so much hands on learning, small group interaction, and one on one guidance. I feel like I am not getting any guidance from my administration. I have never had much luck on job hunting but I don't even have a clue of where I would even look for a non teaching job. Are there websites? I assume it is all online, like schoolspring. I wish that I could just quit at the end of the school year but I know financially that would not be the smart thing to do without having another job.

cruxian 05-14-2020 02:25 PM

I'm sorry that you're feeling frustrated. I think no matter what job you go into (other than being independently wealthy, which I aspire to), this is a challenging time and I believe that everybody is working under less than ideal conditions. With teaching, it's how to handle the logistics of distance teaching and having to come up with the rules on the fly. With other jobs, it may be the pressures of working with a cranky and stressed out public.
Having said that, yes, there are websites to find jobs outside of teaching. You'd have to decide what youj'd like to go into and start from there.
Best of luck.

Jessica123 07-03-2020 05:51 PM

Not Alone
I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you that you are not alone!
I feel the same way and from what I've been reading, many other teachers are questioning everything too!

2020: The Year of Uncertainty!

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