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sterlingsun 05-22-2020 05:51 PM

Interview Update/What can I expect from a second interview?
I had two interviews today with the same district. Both SPED positions with one for high school and one for middle school. The high school interview went very well. I had them in a good mood at the end and they complimented the questions I asked. They also asked me if I was interested in two other positions that were yet to be posted. I said I would be, though I had a preference for the position I interviewed for today. They said they would be in touch on Tuesday. I sent a nice thank you email after the interview.

The middle school interview went so, so. There were 8 total interviewers with 15 questions. It made me extremely anxious and I tripped up a little. AP was leading the meeting and was the only one who seemed to be listening. Everyone else seemed disinterested when it was their turn to ask a question. I guess I can't blame them. I would be a little annoyed interviewing on a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend. I sent a thank you email to AP and he replied with a nice message.

What can I expect from a second interview? I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I have a good feeling about the high school position(s). I know demo lessons are a bit tricky right now. I have a friend that was offered a "second interview" for it to just be an offer and was presented with a contract.

I'm really fortunate I only had one interview for my current position before I was hired, but it makes me clueless to how multiple interviews work.

GraceKrispy 05-22-2020 06:40 PM

Sounds like things went super well for the high school!

The only time I've had 2 interviews for a teaching position in K-12 schools was when they did an overall "screening" interview that let you get into the interview pot (one administrator from any school would conduct those- I think they all had to conduct some) and then a real interview with administration and possibly some teachers (depended on the school). I actually had my admin interview first and then they wanted me so I had to go through the screening interview second. It was a little weird. Long story :D

Anyway, I think for second interviews they usually want to see each person again, maybe ask a few more detailed questions and really just compare their. top choices. However, not all districts do second interviews. My other K-12 teaching jobs have been one and done type of interviews. Good luck!!

sterlingsun 05-22-2020 08:51 PM

Thank you for your advice! In your opinion/experience are most second interviews a formality? What kind of questions might they ask if it is a true second interview? I know the district is eager to hire in time to recommend for their June board meeting.

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