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sterlingsun 06-02-2020 02:57 PM

I had my second interview.
Trying not to get discouraged. I spent all weekend reading up on the school district and looking up possible questions I would be asked. I didn't sleep well last night and didn't feel well this morning, but I pushed through. My interview was only 6 questions long. I was told that it would take 35 minutes and there would be more scenario questions. I wasn't expecting the first question, so I asked for a minute before I awkwardly answered. Most of the other questions I think I did okay on.

At the end I asked 3 questions. I panicked because the interview time took 20 minutes total, but honestly I don't know how it would take someone to answer 6 questions in 35 minutes. I feel at that point the questions would be just rambling. After my third question for them The P said I would be contacted either way in a few days. I was actually going to ask another question, but I don't think they knew, so I thanked them and logged off. I sent a thank you e-mail to the team about an hour later.

I don't think I "blew it," but I don't think I was as confident as I could have been. I tried to ask questions at the end to help my personality shine a bit more since I felt it was lacking.

GraceKrispy 06-03-2020 03:20 PM

I hope it went better than you think! It's really easy to be critical of yourself afterwards. This was a 2nd interview, so they already liked you, it was just a matter of seeing you again. Fingers crossed you have good news to share with us soon!!

Bigfoot 06-04-2020 12:56 PM

Good Luck
It is very difficult to do an online interview. Like Grace said, it is easy to be critical of oneself. I really hope you do well, you sound like an awesome teacher that any school would be lucky to have.

sterlingsun 06-08-2020 08:59 AM

Thank You!
Thank you for the replies. So far no response from the first district yet. I know they have a board meeting tonight and the minutes are available, so I did some digging and it doesn't appear that the position has been officially filled by anyone. Hopefully the job is still available.

Second district hasn't contacted me yet either, but that interview was a little later in the week, so I'm going to give things a few more days. It's the end of the year hear for most districts and we just moved to yellow last Friday, so I know more people are getting back to the buildings and figuring out many things from months ago.

Hopefully I will hear something soon! Most districts start their fiscal year on July 1st, so hopefully I have something by then.

GraceKrispy 06-08-2020 11:20 PM

Fingers crossed for you!!

sterlingsun 06-09-2020 09:42 AM

Unfortunately I did not get the position at the sought after school district. They sent me an email bizarrely at 1:30am. Just an odd time to receive that information. Still waiting to hear back from the other interview last week, but I did receive an interview in the same district as this one just a different school. I have an interview tomorrow with an IU. Not sure what kind of position they're hiring for since the posting just said "Special Education Teacher."

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