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snazzyjazzy 06-08-2020 04:41 PM

Interview Help
I had an interview for a kindergarten position today. It was online and there were technical difficulties (microphones not working/major lag times). There were 4 people on the committee (principal, asst. principal, academic coach, and a teacher. The principal asked 9 questions and the coach asked one, the others didn't say anything after introductions. I just got the rejection email and want to work on my answers for my next interview (whenever that may be).

These are the questions I was asked. I would love guidance on these questions.

tell us about yourself
describe balanced literacy
describe classroom management
describe your guided reading if I was to come in.
parental involvement/what apps are you familar with for parent communication.
why are you the best candidate for the job
how do you differentiate
how do you work with your colleagues
describe how you use technology in your classroom
what does the 1st day of school look like.

GraceKrispy 06-08-2020 11:32 PM

Sorry you didn't get the job (glad they at least told you- and so soon). It's hard to know what might not have gone as well (might have nothing to do with you- someone else was just more in line with what they wanted, or they had someone in mind to begin with) without knowing your answers (and even then, we don't really know). I'll give my ideas for a few of those questions.

Tell us about yourself-- I'd want to keep it brief and focused on something about you as a teacher. So many people ramble about their entire life history when they get asked this question.

I think the three "describe ...." questions, the parental involvement question, the differentiation question, and the tech question are really personal to you and depend on you to know best practices in those areas, so I don't have anything to say about those. If you aren't familiar with them, it's a great opportunity to do some reading and research.

Why are you the best candidate? Any time you interview for a school, I'm assuming you do some research into the school and what types of programs they offer and what they are known for (or what they struggle with). And sell yourself with how your skills are a great fit for that school. A mistake I have seen people make with this question is in putting down what's happening already. Don't ever insult a program by indicating that your skills are needed because their school completely lacks someone who can do what you do. Instead, talk about how your skills fit perfectly with the mission of the school and the philosophy they follow.

Working with colleagues- I'd talk about your communication style, collaboration, how you work through differences of opinion, etc.

1st day of school- I'd talk about establishing routines and rapport, and engaging students by getting their interest right away.

I hope you get another interview soon and it goes very well!

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