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jen1114 06-18-2020 07:40 AM

Zoom interview

Trying to rejoin the workforce after being home with my daughter for 6 years. I have an interview on Monday for a middle school Special Education position. Itís been so long since I interviewed. Does anyone have some good practice questions for me?

Since itís a zoom interview I plan on taking it in my car. Itís really the only place that guarantees I wonít be interrupted. Is that weird?

Thanks for any help!

GraceKrispy 06-23-2020 04:28 PM

Shoot, sorry I missed this-- how was your interview yesterday?? I have seen people interview in a car. It's nice if you can have a neutral background that doesn't make things look really bizarre, but people zoom where they can!

How did it go? Fingers crossed for you!

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