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First2no 01-27-2011 04:49 AM

suitcase art
I am a teacher for fourth grade gifted students. I had this idea to have students utilize suitcases as a kind of diorama setting to display their research about different U.S. states. However, obtaining suitcases is difficult. I didn't like the idea of paper suitcases. I found a source where I can purchase white cardboard suitcases at wholesale price. They are constructed of a heavy type cardboard that can hold up to 75 pounds.

I would like to have students decorate their suitcase to reflect their state, inside and out. Do you have any ideas for how to direct students about how to decorate the exterior. I want to keep it creative but clean work. I'm afraid that leaving it open, might lead to sloppy work.

Please, advise me on how to guide them through this process. What materials, art supplies, should they use? Any suggestions for creative ideas for this project would be GREATLY appreciated.

P.S. I was thinking of grouping students in 3's and having them design a suitcase for a famous person from that state from the past, present, and future. If you have a more interesting idea, feel free to share it.

Thank you.

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