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missamanda_20 02-04-2017 11:02 AM

President's Day
Anyone have a President's Day bulletin board that is related to math?

knit1purl2 02-04-2017 04:18 PM

Money shows the presidents
You could show the coins and bills and teach the presidents and money that way.

mommy9298 02-04-2017 04:23 PM

A teacher in my school did an actual size cutout of Abraham Lincoln. I think he was 6'4". She then measured each child and marked their height on the cutout to compare their height to his. It was cute.

luvtulearn 02-11-2017 04:34 PM

Valentine Volume. . .
could be your title and have students create 3 dimensional shapes of cones for hats, cylinders from cups, cubes and prisms from graph paper. The President's hats could be shapes too.

Also if you teach younger students you could use odd and even numbers by using the title " Which President Has an Odd or Even Birthdate?. You could have the pictures of different presidents up on the board and their birthdates dates placed randomly around the board so the students have to match their date with the picture and identify odd or even.

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