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IndyCarTeach 08-05-2011 10:55 AM

New to Morning Meetings
I have been doing some research and was wondering how would you condeuct a morning meeting in 5th grade.. is it too young for them?? How do you conduct a meeting?? How long does it last?? What all do you do during that time??

kit1024 08-07-2011 12:30 PM

I teach 3rd, but I've taught 5th before, and I don't think morning meetings would be too "young" for them.

I believe the format of the meeting should be: greeting, sharing, activity, and morning message. There is so much information on each of these if you can read through the Morning Meeting book! I think the meetings are supposed to be 20-30 min, but I most days can finish in about 15 once we get in the routine of doing them. I am a newbie to RC, so I would just suggest picking up that book if you are able!

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