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TeacherBB 08-13-2011 12:25 PM

tell me about your first week of morning meeting!
I am wondering what you RC teachers do the first week of MM. I am looking for greetings, shares and activities--thanks!:D

Gommergirl 08-13-2011 05:54 PM

first 3 days MM
I teach 4th grade...

Day 1 - Greeting- I don't have the students greet each other in case they don't know names yet... What I do is model a proper greeting and ask my new class what they notice about the greeting... From there we develop a list of reminders of what a greeting should look like. I then type those up to post for the school year to refer to.

Sharing- Day 1 - I have students share their name.

Activity - I teach my show 5 signal. My signal for getting their attention. I time them to see how many seconds it takes to have everyone showing five.

Day 2

Greeting- Review reminders about a proper greeting. Shake hands and good morning _____.
going around the circle.

Sharing- I introduce my sharing sign up calendar. I have a weekly calendar sheet that students can sign up to share. Then I model sharing by doing it myself. I share something going on in my life. I limit it to 2 to 3 sentences of info. Then I model saying, "I'm ready for questions or comments." Then students are allowed to make comments or appropriate questions. Usually around 5. Then I would model saying, "Thank you for listening." Then the whole class responds, "Thank you for sharing."

Activity - Zoom (If you don't know it see the Origins website)
Very low risk game

Day 3 - If the Good morning ______ went well the day before I would move on to something new. Otherwise I would do it one more time. High 5 - and say good morning ______

Sharing - If someone signs up, follow model from day 2. If not I would do a whip share around the circle. What is your favorite pizza topping? Before going around the circle I would ask all the kiddos to give me a thumbs up if they have their answer. I also ask them to answer the question in a complete sentence.

Activity - Count to ten. Players can say one or two numbers at a time. Whoever says ten is out of that round of the game. Before playing this game we talk about being a good sport. How would a good sport react when they are out of the game?

Hope this helps...I don't know what grade you are so it could be differrnt for younger students.


TeacherBB 08-14-2011 07:55 AM

thanks very much... I'm 4th grade too! I notice the way you are scaffolding! That will make it so the kids can ease into these higher risk greetings and activities.

Mrs. R :) 08-17-2011 04:14 AM

I notice you used reinforcing language in your response! <!--giggle--> It was genuine and thoughtful.

What are you looking for exactly? Are there some resources I can direct you to, or are you just looking for ideas from colleagues?

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