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Teacherbee_4 06-10-2012 02:20 PM

I just finished my first year teaching. I always received great praise about my classroom management during clinicals and student teaching. My principal complimented me on my classroom management skills, too.

However, I had one kid this year that regardless of what I did, it didn't work. Other co-workers were not very nice me and made me feel horrible about it, like it was all my fault. My principal was for the most part supportive. We had one incident where he implied it was "me", however, I think he was just very frustrated because it was just that once and after that he was back to himself saying there was nothing more I could do because I tried everything and that I did a great job not giving up, staying calm, had a relationship with him, etc.

Even with that though, this whole situation has left my confidence so shaken. I feel like I totally failed the kid and totally failed at classroom management. I'm so afraid something similar will happen next year. An aid in the building even told me I better pray I don't have behavior problems next year because if I do, the entire school will know it was me not the kid...but if I don't have behavior problems next year, they will know it was the kid and not me...ouch! Talk about hurtful and talk about pressure!!!!!!!! I can't believe she would say that! She said she doesn't think that because she was in the room when the behavior occurred and know it wasn't me, but that other teachers are talking and that's what she said...she said don't be surprised if even my principal thinks that!

So, now I'm even more nervous about classroom management for next year! I've read books and re-read certain books, but would like some more ideas! Any books on the responsive classroom approach you could recommend, or any other books?

Thanks :)

Munchkins 06-10-2012 02:29 PM

Shame on that aide!
She had no right speaking to you that way, and spreading hurtful comments. Focus on all the positives from your first year, and all you have learned. In my school a first year teacher would not have been responsible for such a severe behavior problem. It sounds to me that you went above and beyond with this child, and did the best anyone could do.

Next year, and every year, you will learn more and more, and your confidence will grow. I've been doing this for 25 years, and I'm still learning how to make my classroom better each and every year. And so will you.

As far as suggestions- I love "Discipline without Stress, Rewards or Punishments" by Dr. Marvin Marshall. I use that hand in hand with "Conscious Discipline" by Becky Bailey. AND...we are Bucketfillers- based on the book, "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?"

So, take a deep breath, remember all of your successes, and learn from your challenges (and that's what they were- there were NO failures on your part!) Relax, recharge, and rest up. Every year is a brand new start for us all.

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