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odiet1 08-20-2012 10:39 AM

Whole School Gatherings on Fridays
This year our whole school will be getting together on Fridays as a way to change the culture and build unity in our school. I like the idea of getting together and maybe do a few sing-a-longs and book reads. I'm sure each grade level will have to lead the school in some type of character building practice. Is there anyone who does this at your school now and do you have any great ideas of fun things our school might try? Thank you for any ideas you might have.

teacherhil 09-17-2012 04:16 PM

The school I taught at before did this and it was wonderful! My kindergartners did a variety of things to lead meeting but the most meaningful times were:
They memorized poems and read them out loud and shared illustrations.
They acted out some of their favorite stories.
They taught the whole school some of their favorite songs- everyone still loves "Tuti Ta!" by Dr. Jean.
Good luck and I hope that helps!

annie3 07-21-2013 08:36 AM

whole school gathering
I was at a school where we had a Friday morning sing-a-long for over 10 years. In the beginning we were a k-2 school and had 700 students all singing together. We would also present the word of the month and some kind of activity to go with it. Teams of teachers signed up to develop an activity. For instance, in September, I think our word of the month was Kindness, so we presented the concept of writing random acts of kindness on strips of paper and making a paper chain. Once presented, each classroom spent the month building their kindness chain and brought it to Sing-a-long on the last Friday of the month to share.
We had some teachers write a school song, to the tune of a college fight song, and we used that song a lot in addition to the others.
For Cooperation, each class was read the story Swimmy, and then each child was given a piece of red construction paper to cut into the shape of a fish. That class arranged all their fish into the shape of a large fish and glued it on butcher paper. All the big fish were displayed at the next sing-a-long.
It's been several years now and I'm having trouble remembering more of the activities! This weekly sing-a-long was a HUGE part of the culture of our school.

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