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Cat woman 12-12-2015 08:54 PM

Book shopping in kindergarten
I am new to kindergarten Daily 5. What does book shopping look like for kinders?

k28 12-31-2015 12:23 PM

Every year is different....

This year, each table has one morning a week. That gives them up to 10-15 minutes to get it done. For some reason this year's class is obsessed with taking books from each other.

Each child is now up to 5 books (unless they take from others). One is to practice reading to a buddy, one is for a buddy to read to them. The rest can be for fun or practice.

The morning before they shop, their Buddy comes in. They need to read their book to their buddy and if time permits, read with their buddy.

anansi 03-02-2016 02:18 PM

I've Also Seen
Seen teachers put a tub on each table with a variety of books, topics, levels, etc and the kids "shop" in that tub for the coming few days. Tubs can be switched out or the books can be rotated with others in the library. It can cut down on the to and fro of book shopping and they seem to have better success finding books at their Good Fit levels.

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