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yesteach 04-12-2016 11:48 AM

Classroom setup
I'm in the midst of reading Daily 5, again, this time the new edition. Does anyone here have their classroom set up like they suggest in the book? For example, not a table/desk and chair for every student in the room? I can understand during the day when you're at carpet time, centers, etc. not needing a spot for everyone... but, say first thing in the morning as they're coming in... do they just pick a spot to sit and do their morning work? Or read? Do they come to their spot on the carpet first thing when they arrive?

I teach a gifted pullout, and I have my students all day. I am seriously considering trying to implement this in my pullout program. I know only being there once a week is going to not be the ideal situation, but I'm going to see how it works. I do have them for four years, once they're in the program, so hoping over time, it has a long term effect.

My supervisor said she would see if there are funds to send me to training this summer with "the sisters," but just wondered if anyone here has any thoughts? Suggestions?

thanks :)

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