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calumetteach 08-30-2019 06:22 AM

playing cards activities and games
When I taught second grade I had a ton of fun card games for math. Does anyone have any for kindergarten they could share?

Thank you so much!

broad 08-30-2019 08:08 AM

kindergarten game
Around the world is good for K and 1st
Students sit in a circle and one student stands behind one of the sitting students. Only those two may speak. Hold up a number, of addition/subtraction sum. The one who says it correctly first moves. If it's the sitting down student they exchange places.
I did this the other days in K with just numerals 1 to 15. They loved it and it was good number recognition. It's also a good way to find out who knows what!!

Lakeside 08-30-2019 08:52 AM

"Memory" is great with that age. You can make different sets where the matches are:
  • a card with the numeral and a card with the number of objects
  • a standard card and a card with the number word spelled out
  • a card with an addition problem and a card with the answer
  • two cards that add up to 10

(And you can tape things on standard cards when needed, if you don't want to start from scratch.)

Sbkangas5 08-30-2019 04:34 PM

Top-it is good and easy. It's just like war. They turn a card over and the higher number takes it. You can do numerals, equations, whatever.

Memory - Lakeside has lots of good ideas

Go Fish - can do the same cards as memory

I also like to put a deck of cards out with a bunch of manipulatives and see what they do with them.

Or use a deck of cards with little clothespins. They clip the number of clothespins to the card.

I LOVE having different decks - tens frames, tally marks, numerals in different fonts, groups of objects, number words, etc. Lakeshore has good ones or you can find lots on TPT. It's also a super easy way to differentiate.

iteachk2010 08-30-2019 06:23 PM

Uno War
Like PP, my students love to play Top It. It is a game from Everyday Math.

I made a game called Uno War. I used some old sets of Uno cards I had at home and split it into two sets to differentiate. (Numbers 1-5, and 6-10). I made a gameboard for each set. Students play it just like War. They both turn over the card and say the number, but they also have to build the sets by placing counters on a five frame/ten frame on the gameboard so they can see both the numbers and sets to help them compare.

Uno War

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