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TeacherPK6 10-29-2019 02:34 AM

Why don't they differentiate for us?
Does anyone else experience this? You go to a PD. The PD presenter inevitably uses an example from 3rd grade or higher and tells us we can "tweak it" to make it fit with K standards. Ironically this is much more likely with PD in the building with admin presenting (district wide PD usually has sessions tailored to various grade level ranges at least).

Ummm no. K is so different, plus shouldn't the presenter be the one providing examples that are suitable for what we do? So often many of these "PDs" don't even really fit at all with K. :rolleyes:

Zia 10-29-2019 04:52 AM

I just twiddle my thumbs. They have no clue how to make it appropriate so they shove it onto us to figure out. Which, for me, means I don't do it. LOL

ICrazyTeach 10-29-2019 03:54 PM

It infuriates me:mad: It's usually something that is no where near appropriate for K.

Sbkangas5 10-29-2019 06:58 PM

Every. Single. Time.
I try to explain that K is it's own beast. But if you haven't done it you have no idea.
I've experienced one exception to this rule. We adopted Bridges for our math curriculum this year and the PD was amazing! We met k-2 and our presenter differentiated for everyone and knew exactly what she was talking about in regards to each grade level. I've seriously never been so satisfied with curriculum training as I was for those two days.

Funny story. I'm on the math committee for my school. We were "discussing" our new report card and how it needed to look because the ridiculous goal was a school wide, standardized report card (k-6 - mmmmhmmmm...:rolleyes:). I tried and tried to explain that it didn't work for us. I finally showed the "lead" teacher on the group our old report card and our standards and her jaw almost dropped. She said something like "This is totally different! What we are talking about would never work for K! You guys just do what you need to do." It was pretty funny (and a relief!).

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