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Jean 09-29-2018 01:32 PM

Severe behavior middle school
What do you do if a student somehow spits in a teacher's coffee. The school is a dropout recovery community school. The teacher has grades 6 to 9.

Lottalove 09-30-2018 10:17 AM

I would consider that assault or attempted assault since the intention was to introduce a foreign body into mine.

I would hope the school takes it seriously. If not, maybe the police should be involved.

FWIW, I do teach the ED/BD for MS/HS at my school.

Mshope 10-04-2018 01:41 PM

It Happened
This actually happened in our emotional behavior room. They called the police. The student was removed and never came back to the school. Now of course this was after THREE years of incidents.

I think the thought was that the saliva is a body fluid and could cause disease. Sadly, I think the emotional teacher did drink the drink before a student reported what had happened.

mrsd5 10-09-2018 01:24 PM

I had a student sprinkle her ADD meds in my coffee. It was cold coffee, so luckily I only took a gulp or two as I was thirsty. Unfortunately, the coffee was cold, so the stuff floated on the top and I got a lot of it. Students in the class reported her to the office. The next period was my plan period, and I was sweaty and having heart palpitations. My blood pressure was sky high. They wanted to send me to the hospital, but I refused. She ended up being reported to the police, got a suspension, and unfortunately for her, this put her over the top for juvenile "points". She went to court, got community service, and had to write me an apology. She also was placed in an alternative learning school. Spitting in coffee would have probably ended up in a similar course of events. My school doesn't put up with that behavior.

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