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SUJunior1124 10-11-2012 10:47 AM

Reading Centers Please help!
I need some idea that I could use for a reading center. I can only think of centers that I could use on the Computer. Any Ideas will be welcome.

daisyflower 10-27-2012 01:54 PM


(I need some, too). Usually, I have a listening center, but this year I do not have that option yet.

Word work: work on HFW or spelling words, phonics patterns

Fluency: read on level text to a buddy, then listen to buddy read

Comprehension: read and respond, make connections, etc.

Writing: free write, topic write, anything else

Grammar: whatever grammar points you are currently studying

shelmo77 11-01-2012 06:50 AM

Look for words
I sometimes have a word hunt (not a word search) - it will be a story or poem laminated. I give them specific sight words (or voc words) that they are looking for. They use a dry erase marker to circle the words when they find them, then they have to count how many times they found it. I like having it dry erase so I don't waste a lot of copies - it's easy to wipe clean and be ready for the next day.

I also have the word work center, listening or partner reading center, and a writing center.

rlbush83 11-07-2012 04:07 PM

I use the words LITERACY to make my centers.

L - Listening Center ( i use the basal story or something else)
I - Intergrated (Science or Social Studies reading activity)
T - Technology
E - English (Word Work or Grammar Review Skill)
R - Read a book, Buddy Read
A - ABC center (phonics or spelling center)
C - Comprehension (retelling cards, fluency activity, writing)
Y - You pick (File Folder Activities of all sorts)

I have a bucket or label for each one and I just rotate them or have them pick. Sometimes, I may not use one during a particular week.

BlueLupine 11-19-2012 07:32 PM

Grade, objectives
Ooh, I love the LITERACY framework!
What are your goals for your students or grade level benchmarks?
I would look at gardeners multiple intelligences to create a variety of centers - musical, artistic, kinesthetic, logical, etc.
Ask students to bring in environmental print from their lives to connect with their home & community reading experiences.
Again, if you could share the ages that you are working with that would help guide appropriate center ideas.

mishkaoreo 12-09-2012 09:26 AM

I use the task cards as part of my center. Any type of work sheet I make 5 copies and put them in sheet protectors. Then the students just write on the sheet protectors and this saves lots of time. I do the same thing with workbooks, cut them apart put them in sheet protectors and you have a center.

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