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Claire 08-19-2020 10:44 AM

How are they doing this?
We are departmentalized 5th grade. The admin is making all students just operate out of a homeroom google classroom and the teacher goes in and starts the meet in the homeroom. So I go into the science teachers gc meet to teach reading, etc.

The meet link on the GC is supposed to not work unless the teacher is already in. It has appeared that it was working that way. However, my last rotation to teach is the science teacher's homeroom. Somehow these kids are in the meet when I come in at the assigned time. Today I pop on at the assigned start time and there are like 6 kids in there screaming and acting a fool with no teacher....The math teacher that had them before lunch swears she made sure everyone hung up on the meet before she left. Any idea how they are doing this? I lectured them about it but haven't yet been able to find out how they did it. Clearly we don't want them in a class meet room unsupervised doing who knows what.....

bookbadger 08-20-2020 04:25 AM

Maybe Google Classtoom?
Do you use Google Classroom? I really am not the one to ask, but maybe have a start to an answer...on google classroom there is a link to the google meet at the left side of the header. We were told we might want to click in the settings to "unsee" this link for the student for the very reason you've described. When the teacher wants to activate that link, all it takes is a copy and paste it to an assignment.

kahluablast 08-20-2020 04:44 AM

Are you sure your google admin has turned off that ability for students?

I have heard that if I teacher exits too quickly that sometimes kids can get back in if they come back in seconds after the teacher leaves. Like the internet "buffer" between the time the teacher logs out and the meet is actually closed, the students click to join before the teacher leaves- then they are headed in before the teacher is completely out and the link closed.

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