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ippie 07-01-2007 09:04 PM

TEKS Target Board
Our school has started using this board and I am having problems with working it into my daily schedule. If anyone has any ideas about how or when that would be great. I agree with many of the others that it should not be started until after Christmas but I can not get the flow down in the classroom. What checking system do you use?


tweet 07-02-2007 04:08 AM

LOVE it! We have both Target the TEKS and Target the Question. We start the first day of school, mainly on HOW to do it. Of course, the children will not be able to do all the skills at first. That's not important. They are being exposed to them. As for your question about what checking system--we just go over the answers together and how to arrive at the answers-there are no grades for the Target board. It does take quite a while to "get the flow" down. At first, it can take as long as 45 minutes of my math time just to get through Target (last year's class-what a nightmare). But usually it takes about 30 minutes at first. Eventually, my kids can whip it out in less than 15 minutes, as little as 5 on some days.

We have math first period. Our school day begins at 8:00, with the tardy bell ringing at 8:05 followed by the principal and announcements. So I really can't begin instruction until after the announcements. My kids keep the Target answer sheet in their folders all week. At 8:00 they automatically start working. We stop for the pledge, but other than that, they work during announcements. We check Target, Target the question, and ADD math by around 8:25, sometimes earlier. Then I teach the skill lesson for the day. I TRY to finish my lesson by 9:00 because that's when reading is supposed to start, but we are self-contained so I have the luxury of running over time if necessary. It's usually necessary. I often run over about 15 minutes.

I teach 3rd. We have been an exemplary school for 3 yrs. in a row, recognized every year before that. We started getting exemplary the next year after we started using Target--but I won't say it had anything to do with it. This last class was VERY low in math coming into 3rd (51 out of 70 kids scored low on the previous year's achievement test!). We managed 91% passing on the math TAKS this year.

Our 1st and 2nd grades also use Target, but I don't know how they implement it in their classes.

mel 07-02-2007 06:26 AM

I wait
I start TArget Math in December. We have 3 weeks in December. We do it together each week so that when we return from Christmas they are ready to do it on their own. I feel like if you start it at the beginning of the year they will think it is too hard and give up. Plus you waste valuable practice that they could have gotten out of working the problems because you are having to teach them how to do it. If you wait, they will already know how to do the majority of them and it will truly be meaningful practice.

How I use mine: I give my students their paper on Monday. It has four columns on it. I tell them that a good way to pace yourself is to do one column a day Monday through Thursday. On Friday they will be ready to check it aloud. They also have a little time on Friday if needed to complete it before checking.

Last year I had a problem of some kids not being able to find theirs when Friday came. I have mine ready to go for next year in a folder with all my morning math. I use Drops in the bucket 1st six weeks 2nd grade book and then we move on to the 3rd grade book and complete that. We are then ready for Target Math. I also have Target the Question, but they are typed on a worksheet so I do not have to put up the board. I don't have the space. It is on a front and back page. The Target the Question can get kind of hard for 3rd grade, but it is great practice for some of those harder questions that appear on TAKS.

ippie 07-02-2007 07:25 AM

Thanks for the help
I really like the suggestions both of you gave me. I know that this year will be easier just because I have had the experience of using it. I will try to use your suggestions because it sounds like both of you have had a really good experience using it. Thanks again.


pinktxteacher 07-02-2007 10:04 AM

Management idea
Love it, my 3rd grade team talked our 2nd and 4th grades into getting it. So the kids are familiar with it now and it only takes them about 5-15 minutes to complete and check. We start about the second week of school.
I photocopied the question sheet placed the copy in a plastic sleeve protector and put that in a folder with several sheets of notebook paper. Each student is given the folder and records his or her own answers and work on the notebook paper.
The paper is labled with the date so if they forget how to answer a question they can turn back and see their work plus any notes I gave them on the concept.
After the grading period ends we remove the used paper and replace with new.

mathtch 07-06-2007 11:25 AM

Target practice for 5th
I teach 5th grade and love the TEKS Target practice. I start the 2nd week and assign a color a day. Through the first set we do them together so they get the hang of how it works (a few of the kids have done them before). I give them a copy of the questions in a sheet protector and they keep it in their math folder. The use their own paper to record the answers. I give them an opportunity to work on it as a warm up and then we go over it. They may correct it if they want or just participate/listen. At the end of the week they turn in their paper and I give them a participation grade for the week. They know that as long as they try and make their best effort they will get a good grade. As you go along through the year it takes them less time to complete. It is wonderful to use from the beginning because they are getting introduced to new things before we cover them and it is a great review of concepts that we have covered. I also enjoy the fact that when I am covering a concept I can refer to my Target wall. I also have the Target the Question. They are great and really make them think. I have adapted these to use as my weekly homework assignment. When then go over them at the end of the week and they are required to make corrections in order to receive credit back on missed questions. They have wonderful products to use.

Teach2Threes 07-12-2007 03:09 PM

I Love Target Math
I have used Target Math for YEARS, but convinced my school to order it for K-6 two years ago. Everyone was excited the first year, and I was a great improvement this year because of it. However, last year I was the only one doing it consistently again. So, I am going to have to get everyone excited again, because I saw a drastic improvement in my student's math skills and scores this year.

Of course that didn't really answer your question, did it? Scheduling... Our students (PreK-3) do not have a "holding area" before school in the morning, they come directly to our classrooms. So, I have a specific morning routine they do to get ready for the day, and then they do their Target Math. Some students have more time than others, but all know that we will go over it at 8:10 when morning announcements are over. I try very hard not to skip days unless we have an unexpected assembly, etc. I have the kids correct any mistakes in red when we go over it together. When we are through they put their daily answer sheet in their math folders and we start our Excel Math Lesson. I usually use 30-40 minutes on that lesson because as short at the lesson appear you need to supplement them with extra practice. The student then have about another 20-30 minutes to work on the guided practice part of Excel and if they finish early we have Accelerated Math on our computers for them to practice objectives on. We are totally immersed in math for about 90 minutes. It worked wonders for my students last year, and they loved that we weren't "rushing through" math!

I don't know if this will help, but try to find a time when they can work through one color per day and then you go over that with them before you start your math lesson. You don't necessarily have to have them work on it, go directly to review, and then your math lesson. However, making a steady schedule and doing the same thing everyday is what it important. That is what I have to get my co-workers to understand this year! I too will be met with a new challenge this year because I have a math class in the morning and another in the afternoon.... so, I am having to rethink my schedules also.

Best of luck, you have a lot of good ideas here to build from.

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