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periwinklez 11-11-2019 07:30 PM

Tell me it gets better, PT docs!!
DD (2 years old) has been nonstop sick since the beginning of October. She started daycare in October, finished her first week, and got sick with a bad cold virus (paraflu) for over a week. She was running high fevers, had runny nose, and cough. She also had an ear infection. She also took 3 different antibiotics then because the first one didn’t work, the second one she got an allergic reaction to, and she finished off the third one. We sent her back to daycare when she was getting better and she caught ANOTHER virus just 3 days back! We kept her home another week and then sent her back. She was doing well and seemed much better. She just finished another full week this past week and on Saturday, she got sick again!!! She has been having fever, runny nose, terrible cough all over again. Took her back to doctor again and they said no ear infection but ear looks “wet” and not normal. They said she has RSV, common respiratory virus. It has only been a little over a month and she has been sick 3 times. Doctor took a blood test too to see if she has IgA deficiency. He is reluctant to prescribe anything yet because she’s already been on so much medication.

This has been so frustrating and stressful because DH and I have gotten sick twice from this too. DD has been taking probiotics and elderberry extract the past 2 weeks. Poor girl... I am so afraid she will develop asthma from being constantly having cough attacks on and off for over a month now.. and all these fevers also on and off for over a month. We’ve been back and forth to the doctor about 10 times now.

Tell me this is normal and it gets better!

Zephie 11-11-2019 07:35 PM

As a daycare worker I would like to reassure you that this is so common in kids who have never been in childcare. The first few months suck. Then their immune systems adjust and it slacks off.

It may be worth it to ask her childcare centerís staff how they disinfect between children when changing them on the changing table and what their hand washing policy is. I know in LA we are supposed to even wash the hands of infants after every diaper change.

Paddlegurl 11-12-2019 01:17 AM

Unfortunately, this is pretty typical, but it does get better!
The beginning of cold/flu season is a hard time to start daycare. My daughter started in November, 2 years ago, and we didn't go more than a week with everyone in the house healthy until May. That first winter she had more colds than I can count, a chest infection, pinkeye, 2 stomach bugs and an infected finger. DH and I caught most of them too, though he was hit harder than me.

While she did get sick plenty the next winter, it wasn't quite as bad. I'm hoping that this year will be better, especially since I have a newborn at home and she's only going part time. However we're not off to a great start as she's already shared a cold with her brother and just woke up screaming that her ears hurt and is now in bed with daddy.

Things that we have found helpful in preventing illness: getting flu shots, washing hands and changing clothes as soon as we get home, saline spray in her nose every evening. Elderberry and probiotics won't hurt. Because I'm on mat leave I can keep her home preventively there is a major outbreak of something like hand foot and mouth.

If your daughter continues to have ear issues I'd ask for an ENT referral. I am just about at that point - I think this is her 3rd or 4th ear infection in 6 months and she has no symptoms until they are really bad.

This stage totally sucks - I get the frustration and the worry. But you are not alone!

BioAdoptMom3 11-12-2019 04:48 PM

Yes, its normal, and yes, it gets better, though I know its very frustrating right now!


stella.ivey 11-13-2019 05:59 AM

other options
It might be common for kids to stay sick when they are new to daycare, but that's not good for any of you. Is there any other option you could look in to for child care? The expense of all the doctor visits and the tole that meds take on your little one might mean that it's worth looking in to other options.
Our middle child was like your baby. He stayed sick when he was little. Getting tubes at 12 months helped, and then getting tonsils and adenoids removed at 4 helped even more. He is 27 now, and still has allergy issues.
Hang in there mom!

knitting987! 11-14-2019 08:52 AM

Maybe look at other day cares too. We hunted and hunted. Look at private sitters as well.

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