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Michele10 07-02-2016 04:17 PM

Road Trip Theme
Since I teach 4th grade and we study the regions of the US in social studies I decided on a "road trip" theme. I have already purchased some cool things from Schoolgirl Style. The only thing I am having a hard time coming up with is a birthday board that revolves around road trip/travel so I thought I would ask from my great pt family. Any ideas????

luvtulearn 07-02-2016 10:58 PM

license plates

This website allows you to create license plate labels. They are pretty authentic. You could put the plates under the month they were born and the title of the month could be placed on suitcases. You could title it:

"Where Our Journey Began"

"Birthday Explorers" . . .Where Will Your Journey Lead You?"

One more :

"Cruisin" Through Our Year With Birthdays. . . the months could be listed on different kinds of convertibles. Hope this helps

Lakeside 07-03-2016 04:26 AM

Ooooh, I like the car idea! I would make a cardboard cut-out of the front of a car, and take a picture of the kids from each birthday month with their faces looking through the "windshield" as if they were sitting together in the car.

Maybe "Were Getting Older So Fast" or "Cruisin' On Up - Birthdays" as the title?

WordFountain 08-11-2016 11:07 AM

Road maps
would be super cute! You can find specific state maps, cross country, etc. Plus you could pull some colors from the maps to tie-in your theme.

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