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lali26 10-14-2011 09:42 PM

Hi! I'm a 5th grade teacher and this year I have a new challenge: to do RTI (intervention with low students) at least 3 times a week for 15-20 min... meanwhile include small groups with the rest of my students on the non_RTI days and manage to have kids succeed in a 3-way split (I have 3 classes each for about 100 min daily)...I NEVER HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO COMPLETE A DAYS LESSON I always end up carrying the lesson to the follwoing day...I need ideas on how t manage this program...Also, do you know of any research-based intervention program for math that I could use in the classroom??? Most days I feel tired and i would like to find a way to manage RTI, small groups, and teach a lesson without falling apart! Thank you!

afirst11 10-19-2011 05:20 PM

Can you give the students a fact sheet or a math game ( yahtzee) while you pull your RTI group. And then do your lesson?

And sorry I do t know any RTI programs. Have you checked NCTM?

batteacher1 03-08-2012 02:42 PM

Center Suggestions...
I also teach 5th grade math with various levels.

I have "Centers in a Bag" on a rolling cart. When I am working with a group of students, I have other students get a center from the cart. I have about 20 activities in large zip lock bags with directions on index cards inside the bag to let the student know what to do.

Examples: decimal numbers on small cards and they have to put them in order from least to greatest or vice versa; triangle and square pieces, etc. cut outs--kids have to measure the perimeter of the shapes; trapezoid turkey fun draw; rock/paper/scissors multiplication; and much more little activities like that. Answers are included in the baggies so they can check to see how they did when they are finished.

At first you will need to spend a little time explaining what to do, but after a couple of days the kids can do it themselves. They love the centers and the skills are all linked to their state objectives and SPIs. The centers are more of a review, not new learning. Or if you have an advanced student who can "figure" things out they can follow the index card directions and try it.

When I'm ready for my intervention group, I tell the others that it is "Center Time." They get their baggies and start working. It has cut down on them constantly asking me what to do next. They keep getting baggies until I say stop.

Hope this helps!!! Let me know if you would like the center skill ideas.

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