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Wendy 31 06-10-2013 03:58 PM

Words Their Way & LETRS for Spelling
Does anyone use Words Their Way as well as LETRS to teach spelling in their classroom? I'm wondering how it has worked for you and if you'd be willing to share suggestions.

I teach fifth grade and would like to meld the two programs this coming school year.

maryteach 07-06-2013 06:49 AM

Modules 10-12
I googled LETRS, not being familiar with it, and from what I read, modules 10-12 would probably work pretty well with WTW. I think I would have to actually see it and hold it to know. Sounds like the lower mods might be good for kids in letter name/alphabetic and within word. It sounds like I would use 10-12 for syllables and affixes and derivational relations.

I think I would have to use them together for a year or two to really be able to say:

If I needed just one of them and could drop the other
If they complement each other well and I want to use them together
What I would like to modify

WTW, as I'm sure you know, takes an incredible amount of initial effort (testing for groups, modeling and demonstrating sorts, and the first few nightmarish, chaotic sorts and all those copies). You might want to plan for that--do I want to introduce LTRS at the same time that I'm trying to get these sorts up and running? Once they're up and running, you are aware that it's a whole lot smoother, and that's when I would look at folding in LTRS. So that's where my planning energy would be going right now--HOW and WHEN to introduce LTRS--or maybe you want to introduce LTRS first and then sorts.

Those are the decisions I'd be making. I'm sorry no one else has answered this. I'm a middle school English teacher, but all my kids are below level, some seriously, and so this is the sort of thing I do in my room, too.

spedkidsrock 07-18-2013 10:52 AM

WTW is a great program but it will take time in the beginning. Once you have it going you just need to keep the groups going and moving kids around.

LETRS is not a spelling program. It's a training program for teachers. It's helpful for you as a teacher if you needed some specific training and you can use that knowledge to help students.

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