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BigwigRabbit 10-11-2012 04:37 AM

Here are two ( a tame one and an edgy one):

Closet door is creepin' open,
Nothin' there I'm really hopin'!


Boiling cauldron,
Pitch black night,
Howling banshees,
No moonlight,
Shapes a-dancing,
‘Round the fire,
Chanting, circling,
Funeral pyre.

Hairy faces,
Wear no mask,
Drink dark liquid,
From a flask.
Mutant warlocks,
Rampant run,
Through the forest,
Seen by none.

Rubbish strewn,
Amongst the trees.
Stench moves quickly,
On the breeze.
Searchers capture,
Not a one,
T’were gone before the
Rising sun.

I stepped through boulders,
Torn in two.
In drenched pajamas
Sweat soaked through.
Fever broken,
Sunlight’s gleam,
Relieved retreating,
Fading dream.

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