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SwollenAnkles 11-11-2018 06:39 PM

Engage New York Math Rotations?
I need a pal that is also teaching 4th-grade Engage New York. This is what our district adopted for Math curriculum. I am struggling with students that check out. My curriculum coach says throw them in the learning pit and then pull them back together to go over. Our third-grade team says to do math rotations. The curriculum coach says it is too hard for them to even start the problems on their own so rotations won't work. I need some input from some other 4th grade teachers teaching this...other than my team, they are super against rotations so no help.

Can anyone help?

heart4kids 12-03-2018 02:49 AM

I know this is late but
I don't believe that rotations would work well with ENY. It is so dense of a curriculum, I have a hard time getting through it and that is without part of the class sitting unsupported and off-task. Yes, I know that kids can be trained, blah, blah, but I also know my students and at least half would "check out."

Our school does higher than the state average by using ENY as a basic resource but trimming it down. This allows us to "spiral" the curriculum using other resources.

It is easy to be bogged down by the vastness of the curriculum. If I did do rotations, I guess I would have those not with me working on a computerized math program.

Good luck. Feel free to private message me for more details.

SwollenAnkles 12-05-2018 07:10 PM

Thank you for the input. My school is working on "Learner Qualities" and one of the things we talk about with the kids is being in the "learning pit". My curricular coach feels the same way you do that ENY is way too dense a curriculum. Especially in 4th grade. She said that so many would not know where to even start if I did math rotations. I have to do a whole group lesson first. She feels that I need to throw them in the pit more often though. So many were just sitting there waiting for me to spoon feed them. They want to give up right away. So I teach a problem and then have them do one, no help. They have to be in the pit for a while. Then we all come back together and discuss it. After a while my higher kids I have them reflect on whether they can do the worksheet on their own. If so they can get started. The rest of us continue working together. When they are done with the worksheet they can do Zearn or a math game. It is working pretty well. Also, my curricular coach is co-teaching math with me. I love having another adult in there with me. I wish I could have her all the time.

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