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Tuxedocat 02-25-2020 09:58 AM

Worried about next year
Hi all. I haven't posted in a long time. This year, I am working as a PTI Reading Intervention Teacher. I got really (REALLY) sick (almost died!) and was in the hospital last year. As such, I wasn't able to go back full time. So this part time job was really perfect for me in that situation. Before this, I spent the last 11 years or so in private schools. We lived in a county that had a pretty bad public school situation and I chose to work in private education.

We're now in a neighboring county and I'd really love to get back into a full time public school teaching position, but I'm concerned that all my time in private school will make me an undesirable candidate. We had practically no technology, and I know that's what the schools are really pushing now. (I teach Elementary, by the way). I'm a quick learner and definitely not afraid to learn something new, but I'm afraid it's going to be seen as a negative. I'm also 49 years old. As I was just emailing resumes, I'm noticing I'm so much older than most of the principals! I'm so afraid I'm going to be seen as a hindrance rather than a benefit. Any advice? :)

cruxian 02-28-2020 07:22 AM

I've been on interviewing committees a few times and have had people apply such as yourself. Here's what would have concerned people in our committee (and we would have been the first to admit that these obstacles can be both addressed and overcome but probably need to be acknowledged):
*Technology. Acknowledge that you don't have it a lot at your school currently but are excited about the possibility of using it in your classroom in the upcoming school year. Be able to explain specific ways that you'd use it in your classroom if you worked for them. Learn to use it at home if necessary and explain how you'd implement it if you had greater access to it. If you're a quick learner, look into it yourself and see if you can learn it on your own.
*Diversity. I'm not sure if this is true where you are but there is a substantial difference where I live between the diversity of public schools versus private schools. Teachers we interviewed who only worked in private schools tended to lack experience in working with ELL students, students with SPED needs, and a diverse student body.
I'm not sure that the age alone is an issue. At least at our school, admin looked at the makeup of the team. She'd hesitate to hire someone completely new if the team was relatively inexperienced. I'm sure there are other situations where your experience would be an asset (and others where it wouldn't be as important but that would likely be true with just about any characteristic).

TAOEP 02-28-2020 07:46 PM

The issues about technology and diversity are definitely important. Can you take a class NOW in educational technology? At the very least, start trying to use whatever technology you do have access to as much as you possibly can so that when you interview you'll honestly be able to give some examples of using it in your teaching.

Same sort of thing with the diversity issue. What can you do NOW to help overcome that lack? Could you do some volunteer tutoring in the public schools? Was your student teaching in a more diverse setting?

Make sure that you are up on the current trends in education in your county. Perhaps you know some public school teachers in your area and can find out what is new there. Sometimes you can find out by reading school board minutes online or going to meetings. Being up to date on these things helps to counter the age thing. But really, the problem is not with age, it's when a person seems closed to new ideas and is inflexible.

Make age and experience an asset--which it is when paired with enthusiasm, energy, willingness to try new ideas.

marlenag62 04-22-2020 09:50 PM

References for upcoming jobs
I resigned effective the end of the year because my principal who left in the middle of the year for a promotion (curriculum assistant superintendent) told me she was not going to renew my contract. Once she left, I talked to the AP and told her that i was planning to start applying for teaching positions in a district closer to my home. I asked her for a letter of recommendation. She said that no one looks at those but that a reference would be sent via email anyway. She indicated that she would help me. I have had 2 interviews. One of them i did not get. The other interview was a few days ago. I emailed my AP and shared with her that i thought the interview went well and that she might hear from them. She replied "I am glad to hear that". I have discussed with her that this school was not a good fit. I am wondering if i should ask her if she did indeed hear from them. I am very anxious. Any thoughts.

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