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misswalton 07-28-2010 07:07 PM

90 minute reading block
I need help setting up my 90 minute reading block. I want to do reader's workshop/centers but I have to use the basil every week (required). Would someone be willing to pm me and help me get something going... Thanks

Miller 07-28-2010 07:47 PM

*basal, basil is a spice/garnish

I always did whole class instruction for 30-45 minutes. Then I had centers. I'd do spelling center with various activities, computer (they had to use the bookmarks I had), phonics....I had 3rd grade, some type of reading with me, ABC order, games, reading on their own, and writing center. I didn't have all that going on, but it was in my rotation.

HopingForAJob 07-29-2010 05:07 AM

Here is what mine looks like:

2-5 minutes: Book Talk (prepared by me in September, then by the students for the rest of the year)

15 Minutes: Whole Group Mini Lesson (I like to focus on reading comprehension strategies using read alouds but you can really do anything. I sometimes do phonics here too if the kids are having trouble with that week's phonics principle.)

60 Minutes: Guided Reading/Centers Our district requires us to do the 16 center Workboard format from F&P. One of the centers is the listening center where they listen to the story from the basal reader and then complete a literature response.

5-10 Minutes: Debrief, Reflect, and Share I have a share schedule and allow 2 students to share the work they completed, something they found interesting, etc. every day at the end of centers. In addition to that share, we briefly discuss how well the kids did that day and what they can do to improve for tomorrow.

In addition to Workboard, my students also get experience with the basal reader on Wednesday afternoons. We have team meetings that grade level teachers have to go to for an hour. We have another teacher (special ed, paras, etc.) that comes into the room to be with the kids for the hour. I have the teacher prepare the kids for the next week's story by reading through it together. When they are done reading, they do the selection test together (they work on test taking strategies) and a paper on the story elements. This is really beneficial for my low students because they already have experience with the text when they have to do the literature response in the listening center.

If that's too confusing, let me know and I'll try to explain it better. It works really well though.

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