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Valone 06-21-2016 12:18 PM

I am in a facility that does not use technology. While I have been here, my technology skills are becoming outdated.
Twenty years ago, I would purchase a switch, tape player and adapt it myself. Don't you be laughing at my cassette player!:rolleyes:

So, I am looking at a switch driving music. Where do I start? Would this be considered Bluetooth? We do not have a computer.

pdxteacher 06-21-2016 07:45 PM

I guess that depends on what type of device you want to play music on. I have a bluetooth switch that allows students to play games on an iPad. Had you checked out the AbleNet website? They have lots of great ideas.

And, I'm definitely not laughing about the cassette player - so much easier! :)

Valone 06-22-2016 10:28 AM

iPod (in our dreams).
I usually have a $100 ceiling. I have been purchasing Axess speakers. But my days of throwing in a penny to make my own adapted switch are over. Now we have rechargeable built-in batteries. :(

Yes, I have looked through AbleNet. I am sure we have a couple Big Reds or Jelly buttons around. Just not sure once I find one- what I can plug it into.

Cell phones on campus are also seriously illegal, no wifi either.

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