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MissAgnes 05-13-2019 11:25 AM

Holy heck. Kids are crazy. My behavior kids are acting up constantly. My talkers are talking constantly. Had one student kick another in the face and call him a faggot. Even the good kids are whackadoo. I am channeling every shred of patience and calm that I can muster, but I'm fading fast.

NJ Teacher 05-13-2019 12:51 PM

Your summer is almost here!
Hang in there! You got this. You are almost there. <!--girl1--><!--girl2--><!--boy_waving--><!--sunshine-->

70Primrose 05-13-2019 04:05 PM

I have 12 more days and one of those days is an all day field trip. I donít know why I am bothering to teach anything, they are done listening. This has been the longest year. The behavior problem that drove me crazy all year has amped up her game. My patience is so thin!!!

ellenroo 05-14-2019 05:23 AM

I'm in the same boat. And a mother took her child off his ADHD meds that he desperately needs last week. I almost called this mother to beg her to put him back on them for one more week as I can't stand to hear my name accompanied by a random fact he thought of followed by a very long chain of non related facts. He's sweet, but has not accomplished any work since coming off the meds.

MissAgnes 05-14-2019 08:16 AM

I have one of those, too.
Kid DESPERATELY needs his meds, he's barely functional without them. But apparently they "lost" his meds, so he doesn't have them.
I wonder how much ADHD meds go for on the street?:rolleyes:

ellenroo 05-14-2019 09:50 AM

A good bit I think. I had acquaintances in high school that sold theirs around test time for extra focus. I feel it's prescribed more than necessary, but those that need it really need it and should have it. My husband used to take meds for his and he said it just made him a focusing machine on the task at hand, but otherwise it made him feel blah.

MissAgnes 05-14-2019 11:22 AM

That's what I thought.
Pretty sure kid's dad sold his meds. :(

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