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AZTeacher510 11-11-2011 08:41 PM

Literature block is boring
My school uses the Harcourt Reading series but I feel like I find it hard to plan in an organized and fun way. I want to keep it fun and moving. Any advice? Oh I teach 3rd grade

dobbie 12-04-2011 10:25 AM

Do something new
There is a book and the title is "Don't look, Don't touch" and I used it one day and the children had cards to put arounnd the room. The cards had "Don't touch", and they put them on things around the room they could not touch that day. I did the same for the Don't look" and they had a good time and enjoyed the book. The next week I fixed a box and put the labels on it and sat it on a table. I put a few objects in it to rattle around and the children loved it. We talked about things that you should not touch and how we learn different actions from reading about them.
I did this because the reading circle was so boring with the lead teacher that the kids mis-behaved badly at circle time. I am sure there is no harm in changing things around a little and miss using the Harcourt series a few time. Reading should be fun, and educational at the same time teaching a lot of different skills.

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