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sterlingsun 04-23-2020 09:29 AM

Zoom Interview! Advice/list of questions.
I'm happy to say that I have received an interview next week for a secondary Special Education position! I've been anxious about the job outlook since I'm moving in the next few months plus the uncertainty with the virus.

It's been a few years since I've interviewed. I will be researching the school thoroughly over the weekend. Any advice or a link to possible interview questions would be appreciated! Are there any buzzwords that are particularly "hot" right now?

I'm a bit nervous, but excited! I'm not the best interviewer, so I want to be as prepared as possible!

GraceKrispy 04-23-2020 06:29 PM

I'm not able to help with your questions, but wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK!!! If you haven't already, definitely do as much searching as you can on the district website with particular attention to the special services department. Some districts are more into certain approaches than others right now. Research what you see so you can speak knowledgable about any programs you may discover they use.

sterlingsun 04-24-2020 08:32 AM

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm reading the website as much as possible! The SPED Page seems to be mostly under construction, but some tabs are available to read!

Monkeyflower 04-29-2020 05:42 AM

My experience
Good morning,

I moved to a new city a couple of years ago, and was on the interviewee side of the table for the first time in years. Back in my old district, I participated in many interview committees. My experience is K-8, and not high school. So here's just a list of things that I can remember.

Be able to describe your experiences with diverse populations...
Expect scenario questions.... Examples, what would you do if ..... a kid had a bloody nose, wasn't doing assignment, causing disruption, upset parent, unproductive parapro, a school of sharks swam into your room.... My point is that it can get absurd. The team will want to know if you can remain calm, and follow some sort of protocol, such as not touching a bloody student....

You may be asked about particular curriculum. My advice here is to admit when you are not familiar with the ones they asked about, and to ask them them, then you can say that sounds similar to a curriculum you do know....

Other questions....

What do your colleagues say about you, your students....

You may get the questions before the interview, and may have time to review and take notes.

Questions you can ask the school....

What are some challenges the school faces, and how are they being addressed...

What are some things that are really working well... You can use information from the website to develop these questions.

You might be given a performance task, such as look at this data and use it to write present levels of performance and IEP goals....

Hope this helps.

sterlingsun 04-30-2020 04:43 PM

Thank you very much! I'll keep these questions at hand!

GraceKrispy 05-01-2020 10:57 AM

Did you have your interview yet? How did it go??

MissESL 05-01-2020 11:10 AM

I would be prepared to discuss how you are handling e-learning. We have a lot of areas that arenít even sure we will be able to return in the fall. So it is possible you may go into the new job with that need.

sterlingsun 05-01-2020 12:28 PM

Had the interview around 2 today. Overall it went okay. One question went totally over my head due to the interviewer's phrasing. When I thought about it later I realized it was really a basic question and I bombed it :rolleyes: Otherwise it went okay. Not terrible for my first interview in a couple of years, but not that great. Not a district high on my list anyway. So we'll see if I get a call back.

I have another interview on Tuesday with another district and a P directly e-mailed me this morning and asked me to send him my resume. Looking promising!

sterlingsun 05-01-2020 12:33 PM

Surprisingly didn't ask about DL. I think because their response to covid has unfortunately not been that fantastic due to being a poorer district. I think they're doing what they can.

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