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Mister_J 10-03-2013 09:47 AM

Getting into a GT program
For those of you who are G/T specialists, I had an internship in a gifted and talented classroom two years ago.

I know its unrealistic to be placed in a G/T classroom right off the jump into a career, but whats the best way to get into this? I've always been curious and I would love to get into this type of teaching

Mrs.Lilbit 10-03-2013 05:06 PM

You need to check with your state dept. of ed and find out what the requirements are in your state to be g/t certified and highly qualified. Some states just require you to take the gifted ed praxis, some require a certain number of hours of course work. If you are currently teaching, find out who the director of the g/t program is in your district, contact them, and ask them how to get your foot in the door. Good luck!

crockpotqueen 10-05-2013 04:21 PM

GT endorsement on your license.

It depends on the district, though. I got my first GT job (gifted 5th classroom) after teaching sci and math I a catholic middle school for a few years. They saw this as a plus, because I knew the content and had STEM background. Then, I had a regular classroom for a long time, until finally this year, I have another GT position in a different county.

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