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pinacolada 04-27-2019 11:04 AM

Retaining son in Special Ed. Pre-K
I've posted here a couple of times of how I want my son to do another year of Special Educaiton Pre-K through the school district. We relocated temporarily to NJ in April 2018 from CA and now are returning back to CA in June 2019. These are the reasons I've listed for wanting to retain him. Any feedback?

Reasons for requesting that Vivek do an additional year of SDC Pre-K
Went through a lot of change and had a lot of movement since August 2017 and Vivek had to therefore PROCESS a lot. We live in a joint family (inlaws, me and my husband, and my son). When Vivek was diagnosed with Autism, my MIL was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.
-MIL's condition worsened

-MIL's death
-My car accident (a month after my MIL's passing away)-as a result I was “absent” for a few months which was difficult because I took care of everything for him

Moving to NJ in April (while still enrolled at MUSD)
-New house
-New people
-New school
-Started to fall ill more frequently which resulted in him being absent from school for larger chunks of time (especially starting Nov. 2018)
Constant congestion interefered with his progress

Really started to make progress in Feb. 2019 in terms of language, imitating, and willingness to try new things.

Vivek takes more initiative and develops more confidence when among younger children. It’s this confidence that makes him take more “risks” in his learning

Needs additional time to master self care skills:
Feeding himself with a spoon
Requesting to use the potty at school (only does this at home)

Needs to develop fine motor skills:

Needs more time to develop general preschool readiness skills which he is now more equipped to develop

Attending to a task

Independent play

Does well with a preschool like structured schedule

Socially and emotionally immature

Generally immature for his age

Making the move back to Cali will take a lot of adjustment time (6 months). That having been said, he would benefit more by being placed in an SDC preschool class because it will be familiar.

NewCAteacher 04-28-2019 05:58 PM

Lots of good info here. It sounds like you are making a very well thought out and rational decision.

Purplecrayons 04-29-2019 05:33 AM

In my state , we might do a blended program, go to pre-K in the morning and in the afternoon the k-1 special ed program.

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