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ms.teacher 09-23-2014 05:14 PM

Our district just adopted Journeys Reading series. I was wondering for those of you who have it. How do you like it? I would appreciate any information.

chalkdusty 09-23-2014 07:52 PM

We just adopted this series as well. In the 4th grade level, I've noticed that there isn't enough practice with the vocabulary words. I've also noticed that there are no skill oriented worksheets in the workbooks. There is a LOT of material included. Just like other basals, there is too much to take in. We have not had any training from the company yet.

I like the stories. I like the questions in the teacher's edition that guide discussion of the story. I like the decoding strategies and the vocabulary strategies (ie - word study - affixes, homophones, etc.) to help my struggling readers. The six pack books are pretty good too.

There are too many grammar skills to teach in one week. It's hard to fit in both the grammar and the writing every day.

Beagles 09-23-2014 08:28 PM

Just started this year. Lots of busy work and too many sub-skills. So far not very impressed. In fifth grade, the first anchor story was silly even to the students. Vocabulary Readers and Leveled Readers reinforce the vocabulary words across three different readers, which is nice. Trying to cut down on the amount of short, choppy worksheet driven mini-lessons so students have time to read their chapter books. I hope this gets better.

bookworm472 09-27-2014 05:17 AM

We have had Journeys for a few years now. In fact, I was one of the teachers who piloted it in the district. For third grade, I spent a couple years following the program as suggested. There students never seemed to master any skills because it was spiraling so quickly. Now, we teach reading and writing by genre, and we pick and choose the resources we use. They are fine if you don't have a lot of your own resources, but I prefer some of my own personal resources more.

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