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tia 12-21-2019 12:02 PM

FB Marketplace/Messenger Question
if people have messaged you about an item you're selling....and you then mark it as "sold", if you go back to a message and send one to one of those people, do they get it?

back story: i put some leg warmers and boot cuffs (all new in packages) up for sale on a closed (98% good dealings with) FB site but also opened it up to FBM--cause much wider audience---have had 70% good luck with that.

people! i had over 20 different buyers interested!!!!! i stopped telling people where they were in line at 15 and just said sold, sorry. but didn't mark as sold because was still making arrangements.

the first person who wanted them could only pick them up when i wasn't home--wanted to venmo or some other e-pay which i don't do. i said i'd leave on porch (was extra effort for me to take care of) and she could put $ under matt. i get home--still there. sighhhhh...

other people wanted to "trade" with me or give me $ off a massage. :confused::confused::confused: one gal said she wasn't "mobile RN" :confused: one person sent me her email address instead of actually telling me she wanted them. one person thought maybe i would drive 20 miles out of my way to make 5 bucks. come on!!!

*at one point, i did mark them as sold because it was actually happening....and then it didn't.

so i've gone through the first eight, i think, people now....for one reason or other....and the last 2 aren't replying. i'm wondering if it's because my messages aren't going through because it's under a "sold" item???

i'm about ready to re-post it and say "not trading, don't offer me monopoly money, don't message me if you can't come get it..." so annoying!!! (i even vented about people being flakes to one person and she commiserated AND THEN FLAKED OUT ON ME!)

anna 12-21-2019 01:11 PM

I would rephotograph what you have and post . Include "Cash only,no holds." I don't do porch pick up as a seller.

amiga13 12-21-2019 01:11 PM

Thank you. Your post confirms my decision to donate things I no longer want. Good luck to you—I hope your payout covers the time you’ve put in.

GreyhoundGirl 12-21-2019 01:17 PM

I hate dealing with FB marketplace for this reason. And when I vented here someone told me I liked to complain. :rolleyes:

I learned my lesson and don’t mark it as “sold” until the item is out of my house.

Anyway, I think you can unmark it as sold. That might solve your problem.

Good luck.

daffodils 12-22-2019 01:40 AM

I get very specific when I post things for sale on FB. Such as:

You must comment on this post AND send me a private message with when you can come get the item. You must pay X amount in cash and be able to come pick it up at my home near X (reference point to give them a general idea). You must be available to pick up between X and X. Item goes to first person who fulfills the requirements.

yes, I sound strict. But it does cut down some on the crap.

anna 12-22-2019 08:04 AM

I like your strictness daffodils and will use your ideas. I haven't had too much trouble selling my teaching materials however as a buyer I have occasionally been ripped off. It is a gamble either way.

tia 12-22-2019 11:24 AM

thanks for your responses....

GG--that worked--I was able to unmark it as sold, and the next person I messaged responded. (i'm still not sure if that was the issue.....shrugs)

daffodils--nope, that doesn't sound strict--sounds smart!

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