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Meggie11 02-07-2013 08:17 PM

Parent Communication Ideas
Our school district switched over to standards-based report cards a couple years ago. We also have adopted a mastery based learning philosophy. While we've made great strides in communicating exactly how each student is performing using the report card at the end of each trimester, we are still trying to find ways to keep parents in the loop during the trimester.

Some teachers have created cover sheets that break down assessments by standard. Its a lot work on the front end, creating a cover sheet for every test, but some parents have commented on how helpful they are. This works for paper pencil tests, but what about data from reading groups, teacher student writing conferences, and other oral/observational checks for understanding?

How do you keep parents informed during the middle of your grading periods, so there are no surprises come report card time?

LucyK 03-24-2013 07:19 PM

I do Friday postcards each week. On one side, students write five things that they learned or did that week (so many parents complain that their children say that they 'did nothing' in school all day!) and on the backside, I write all of my tests,assignments, activity marks or observations that I had recorded that week.

Keeps me on top of my marking too!

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