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bruinsfan 07-26-2019 09:58 AM

New Job
I really have not done this in a long time................. I was wondering what to write in a two week notice letter to my employer. Can I ask them to use the last two days before my notice for personal days that are owed to me? for ex I want to leave on 8/21 but have 8/23 my last day and use thurs and friday for personal days I don't want to let them I have a new job. I am so scared how they are going to take my letter because I have always been told I am a huge asset to my current job.


Candy525 08-01-2019 02:22 PM

Leave notice
I would say the sooner the better to give your leave notice and not wait until the two week before you leave. This will give management ample time to find your replacement and time for the children in your classroom to adjust. What does your employee handbook say regarding PTO and end of employment? This can go one of three ways: first they say no you canít take your PTO time after you leave and make you take the time before your official last day of work. Second: they say yes. Third: they ask you to work until that Friday, Aug 23 and payout whatís left of your PTO on your next check. So consult your employee handbook, speak with management regarding you leaving and leftover PTO time, and third write your official leave notice. Wish you luck at your new job!

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